About Volsky Law Inc.

Kerry is a 1980 Graduate of Case Western Reserve University Law School. He worked his way through college and Law School as an interior painter by establishing a successful painting business. Kerry's ad caption in the Cleveland Jewish News “Help a nice Jewish painter become a nice Jewish lawyer” seemed to catch on, enabling the business to be quite successful. That one ad kept Kerry busy until he finally gave up painting when he took his first full-time position in law.

Kerry was hired in June 1980 by the then recently created firm of Hermann, Cahn and Schneider. He was the fourth lawyer. Kerry stayed with Hermann, Cahn and Schneider for 30 years, a firm that at one point grew to about 20. During this time Kerry also spent years working on the medical aspects of lung diseases attributable to many causes, including asbestos-related problems, smoking and cancers. He developed a course to train other members of his firm about these medical issues.

How One Medical Malpractice Personal Injury Case Changed Kerry's Life

A friend called with the news of a baby who had just been born quadriplegic, unable to move below the neck. He agreed to represent the family and find out what happened. Little did Kerry know at the time that this first Medical Malpractice case would become the center of his life for the next few years. The case was defended by one of the top birth injury defense lawyers in the country, who had previously, won 20 straight multi-million dollar demand cases in a row.

The main issue in the case was whether the defendant Obstetrician failed to recognize that the baby was stuck in the mother’s pelvis and tore the spinal cord with forceps or whether the child was born with a defect in his spinal cord. The case went to trial with no offer of settlement. During the trial, the judge commented that Plaintiffs’ experts were the best four expert witnesses he had ever seen. The jury returned a $6 million verdict.

Kerry continued doing more and more Medical Malpractice cases as the years went by. During this time he gained experience handling a wide variety of medical issues, including failure to diagnose cancers of the colon, eyes, and lungs to name a few. One client received a diagnosis of a deadly type of cancer, had disfiguring surgery and it was then proven that the tumor was not cancer at all and the disfiguring surgery was totally unnecessary. Kerry has handled many cases that involved hospital errors that resulted in catastrophic injuries to his clients, including some that cost clients their lives.

Kerry gets tremendous satisfaction out of helping, often-times angry and desperate clients with legitimate claims, obtain justice from the “deep pocket” doctors, hospitals and insurance companies who think they can bully the “little guy”. In addition to his expertise as a Medical Malpractice lawyer, he will never forget that it is you, the client, that he is working for and will always keep you aware of what is going on in your cases and is committed to helping his clients get through what can be a long and emotionally draining process.