The "In-House Counsel" for Small Business Owners

When confronted with legal issues, small business owners and entrepreneurs typically attempt to solve them by themselves. Short of a catastrophe or other significant event, small business owners rarely call their attorneys. Since many law firms charge as much as $500 per hour (firms other than Volsky Law that is), it is not uncommon for small business owners to try to avoid what may seem to be an excessive expense.

Such an approach is understandable, considering the need to keep costs low. But it is almost always self-defeating, creating much larger costs in the long run. Without the knowledge or experience to handle the situation fully, well-meaning businesspeople make things worse, and an attorney must be called in to solve a major problem instead of a minor one.

We Invest in a Developing a Relationship with Our Small Business Clients

There is an alternative to this approach. By investing in a relationship with a law firm that is familiar with your business before problems develop, business owners are making an investment in preventive law which pays big dividends in the future. At Volsky Law, we have maintained long term relationships with many business clients and have helped them grow and prosper.

We have become trusted business advisors to our clients, we work closely with each client, offering comprehensive services and working, as our trademarked motto states, as The "In-House Counsel" for Small Business Owners. An example of our all encompassing approach is our Corporate Maintenance Plan, which has repeatedly proven effective in saving our corporate clients significant expense and hassle.